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My two sons have been fishing on and off now for about 18 years. Okay, we have had a few long dry spells during that time, but the passion for angling has always been there and has grown through the years. Currently it is going through another growth spurt and they are further increasing their involvement in the sport, with No.1 son Robert primarily interested in the sea, while No.2 son Michael is hitting the freshwater big time. Both however will and do fish anywhere there is water with a chance of a bite.

Most of their current skills come from my own tuition, with an increasing amount now from other sources. I for one am grateful for this. I consider myself a confident fisherman but I am definitely not to be taken as anything other than a pleasure angler. I have passed on my meagre knowledge as best I can since the boys were around 8-10 years of age. Now they are moving into the enthusiastic stage it is up to them to continue their own angling education. This is especially necessary with the Coarse Angling scene.

The changes in equipment, rigs and methods during the past 15-20 years has been explosive and has left me well behind. Personally I think most of the new gear is designed to catch more anglers than fish and has brought an unneeded element to the banks. I am never happier than when wandering along the river bank with just a bait pouch, a few end bits in a pocket, a rod and landing net, stalking for that special Chub, Roach or Barbel. Or watching my float trundling through a smooth glide as the line peels silently from my centrepin. Tried and trusted methods that have and will always stand up to the test of time.

Now it seems that the modern angler has to bring enough equipment to collapse the bank, and have more high-tech gear and electronic gadgetry to worry the hell out of MI6. And when they start talking about spods, spombs, alarm bobbins, fly and zip rigs, I feel the urgent need to call the vice squad and have their tackle box searched for illegal Victoria’s Secret magazines and goods.

Let’s face it, in the eyes of the modern angler, I’m a bloody dinosaur and I haven’t even reached retirement age yet.

And now Michael, with his growing but admittedly limited knowledge, is occasionally  taking his girlfriend’s daughter Reeyah along to the local easy lake for a bit of fun fishing. I thought I had started the boys out young when they were 8-10 years of age, but at the time of writing this entry Reeyah is one week short of her sixth birthday. I’m to understand that Reeyah has caught fish entirely on her own but mostly requires help, and may even be a little intimidated by an initial fish strike. One of these days I’ll go with them and see for myself.

Good luck to you Michael. I know from experience you have your work cut out for you with teaching one so young. Been there, done that. But when you see images like those below, it is all well worth it.

Reeyah and Michael. The Smile Says it All.

Reeyah and Michael. The Smile Says it All.

“That’s More My Size”

Helping Michael

Helping Michael

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