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There goes 2012……

…… and from my personal viewpoint, good riddance. Why? Well actually only for two reasons really; Health and Weather.

The continuing problem of my stiff and aching shoulders continued to bug me throughout the year, and it is only during the past two weeks that I am beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. A few more tests, but the current treatment appears to be working. I have also been suffering from a hernia for some time and finally I am awaiting the date for a rectifying operation (Yay!!).

In addition to my health aggro, my Father has been going through chemo cancer treatment for the past 3 months and I have had the ups and downs of that to contend with.

Reason Two? Well we have all suffered from that one. Wettest year on record, floods almost continuously pushing rivers to the limit and surrounding the local coastline with a band of unwelcome freshwater. Local sea anglers have named it the worst year for a decade. In the meantime the local rivers have been very seldom fished due to floodwater conditions, though the brief inter-flood periods have produced reasonably well so I’ve been told.

It has been my misfortune to have health problems or commitments during the brief dry periods, and so my normal minimum twice a week angling sessions have been blown away this year, with sea trips down to just 37 from a normal 90-120. River trips have numbered less than 10 instead of 50-60. Regular readers of my blogging efforts will have obviously noticed.

So enough of 2012 and angling misery. Did anything good happen?

I did manage to spend more and more time refining my LRF / HRF skills, which I confess are still lacking miserably in some areas, and I am planning on concentrating at least 60% of my 2013 time to the lure side of angling. I’ve managed reasonably well on my few trips out (not all blogged I’m sorry to say), and aim to climb the heights a bit more next year. Great, fun methods,

And so to 2013. As mentioned above I intend to spend a majority of my angling time with LRF / HRF / Plug methods with a few trips further afield to be planned to seek a bit of alternative guidance (lock your doors Del and Will). The bait side of angling will still be there, though I shall be a lot more selective on times and locations.

My future freshwater angling is a little undecided. A lot depends on how my Father recovers from his cancer treatment as we have always tended to buddy up on the rivers and lakes. I do however plan on using LRF / HRF tactics a lot more in my local rivers for the toothy critters and for Chub, Grayling, Trout, etc.

We all just need 2013 to be a bit (lot) drier guys. Hopefully watch out for a revitalised, super slim and fit (I wish) Gary wandering the banks and shores with tackle in hand.

Hope ya’ll had a good 2012 despite the weather, and wishing you all a much better 2013.

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