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I had a quick glance at the weather and tides for this evening and thought – very weak tide, ESE strong winds to 25mph, quite cold. Everything wrong, but I couldn’t resist getting out again for a couple of hours.

So back down to Poole Harbour entrance for a end of day session from about 5:15 til 7:00 to see the day out and night in. A pretty blustery area with the wind whipping around the curve of the entrance, plenty of white-caps and a swell crashing into the rock reinforcing spread around the shoreline and groynes.

In for a penny. With a bit of colour in the water, I thought I’d try out a ribbed 4in Finesse Curltail Worm in White from AGM on an HRF style weedless set-up with a 7g cone weight. This was mainly so that I could skip the lure along the bottom close to, and amongst the rocks and weed where the swell driven waves were washing any food out, without having to worry too much about snags.

4in Finesse Curltail Worm from AGM - 7g Cone Weight

4in Finesse Curltail Worm from AGM – 7g Cone Weight

First hour – nothing. With light levels reducing rapidly now, I was about to change the lure to something darker but then, from just prior to dark, I started a 30 minute spell which resulted in four Bass ranging from 43 – 48cm, all caught reasonably close to the rocks. All fell to the white Finesse with a straight, slowish retrieve with the occasional twitch.

One of the Bass

One of the Bass

Lure well and truly nailed

Lure well and truly nailed

After two or three sessions of either blanks or small 30cm ish fish it was nice to hit a few better ones even if not that special. They certainly hit the ribbed lure pretty hard. Great fun on the 7ft 10-30g Bushwhacker.

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