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I’ve not been fishing much recently, mainly due to the weather and lack of action in this area (other than loads of pin Whiting).

I did however manage to sneak out for a couple of hours this evening for an LRF session from the wall at the Haven Hotel at the entrance to Poole Harbour. Nothing stupendous to report, just a small Pollack and a Scorpion Fish during the first twenty minutes and then nought for the remaining hour and a half. Used the Solpara Solid Tip with the Exage 2500 loaded up with 6lb braid to a 4lb Flourocarbon leader. Ecogear jighead and Power Isome worm finished off the set up.

Truthfully I wasn’t expecting much as I was fishing over low water on a very weak neap tide. Not ideal for this location but it was just nice to get out again and practice the LRF. No pics as the camera has finally kicked the bucket I think so it’s on to the net to find a replacement.

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It is absolutely incredible how many anglers are so reluctant to adopt new styles and techniques. Some anglers just have permanent ‘tunnel vision’ syndrome, and a great example is the rapidly growing HRF (Hard Rock Fishing) and LRF (Light Rock Fishing) scene.

I have lost count of the number of anglers, great and average, that are, on the forums, continuously knocking HRF / LRF and the anglers that use them. They are trying to say that these methods do not work, they only catch tiddlers, are ‘poncy’, etc. Only their methods work of course. Get a life people. There are many methods to catch fish, and many ways to enjoy the catching. If you don’t like the style, don’t use them, but stop knocking the guys and gals that do.

HRF and LRF work well, all through the year. The methods account for numerous fish and many hours of fun. And for me and many other anglers that is the key point. IT’S FUN. ENJOY IT.

Don’t believe me? Read the latest entry in Henry Gilbey’s blog.

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